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Is your product or service too complicated or abstract to convey its value in words alone? Do you need to reach more people? Do you need someone to help you distill and visualize the benefits of your service or product? Are repetitive sales calls and product demonstrations taking a bite out of your bottom line? You have come to the right place. We specialize in making the value of your product or service into an easy-to-understand, wide-spread marketing message.


Receive free marketing advice for your small business. 5 Minutes to Better Marketing is a twice-monthly series of direct email articles aimed at improving your marketing efforts and overall success of the small business community, specifically in the Buffalo, NY region. These articles are universal. They can help many small businesses. If you know of anyone that may benefit from communications like this one, please share this article.


Simplify a complex idea, meet more customers and show off your expertise.


Grab the attention of your potential customers.


Great photography sets you apart from your competition.

Social Media

Educate and engage your customer base through social media.

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SEP 26 2014

The Right Fit - 5 Minutes to Better Marketing

This week at the Great Harvest Networking Group meeting I was reminded of a forgotten, half-crafted 5 Minutes to Better Marketing article I began a few months ago. It was about the benefits of dealing with your Ideal Client. Real estate agent and appraiser, Ted Catalano, ret... Read More

SEP 12 2014

Copycat - 5 Minutest to Better Marketing

Copycat marketing is an always has been a favorite marketing tactic of businesses small and large. On one level it makes sense. If it works for another business, why not mine? It’s the reason that you see so many logos, brochures, websites, menus, business cards and billboards that look sim... Read More

SEP 2 2014

Show Off (Smartly) - 5 Minutes to Better Marketing

When I started Nickel City Graphics, I took a common microbusiness approach to spreading the word about my new business. Without the money or focus to run a more traditional campaign, I decided to give away my services to deserving events and organizations. A noble gesture, but not the most sound m... Read More

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